SharePoint corner

MOSS 2007 is a bit of a hobby subject that I like to have a play with.  Our organisation has an enterprise licence, which is not being entirely exercised, nor is it being used by the masses or as best practice.  Although, in its limited usage I am beginning to build quite a reputation any am getting a few requests far and wide for consultancy around capabilities and customisations.

I project managed a SharePoint solution that was built for our retail banking division, aimed at around +35K employees.  As our organisation is somewhat adverse to risk, this solution could not use any custom code, so became quite challenging, but at the same time opened up some useful techniques that that could be useful in an “out of the box” functionality scope of usage (including SharePoint designer).  One technique that was used was jquery; it gives you some additional functionality to standard SharePoint, but at the same time not cluttering every page with extensive javascript keeping your site more accessible and easier to manage.

So I plan to blog about things I have found useful or have been asked about.  I have just acquired an msdn licence, so I will have more scope with how I am able to explore moss by setting up virtual environments where will have access to central administration (yay!), but my content here will be more around what you can do at site collection level with SharePoint designer and out of the box stuff rather than server side and C#.


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